Sweetener: Captions para Instagram.

Si tú como yo te la complicas al no encontrar algún buen caption para tus fotos en Instagram… don’t you worry child! 🎶 No hay mejor, vieja y confiable solución que las mismas letras de canciones usarlas como captions.

Sweetener de Ariana Grande ha sido todo un hitazo para mi, tanto que algunas de sus lyrics las he utilizado perfectamente para tener on point mi Instagram y sus captions.

Sobre todo ahorita que ando en un mood super in-love, donde ni yo me aguanto, cada canción se la quiero dedicar y todas las frases bonitas me hacen decir “OMG, va para él” haha.

Éstos 20 captions buenísimos fueron tomados de algunas canciones del más reciente álbum de Ariana Grande: Sweetener.

¡¡POR CIERTO!! En su mayor parte, Ari usa cualquier texto en relación a su álbum de forma  ɐsɹǝʌuı.  Si quieren hacerlo más ad hoc al álbum, ésta página invierte su texto ¡y de la forma más cool!



  • Could’ve been anywhere, but you’re here with me.
  • Once I have you, I will never let you go.
  • Your magnetic demeanor, that’s something that can’t be found.


  • You’re such a dream to me.
  • I’m tryna turn two single people into a couple.


  • Said, “I don’t know what I’d do without you in my life, it’d be so sour.”
  • I’m hoping that everybody can experience what we have in ours.


  • It feels so good to be so young, and have this fun and be successful.


  • I’m so different when you’re not there.
  • It’s like something out of Shakespeare, because I’m really not here when you’re not there.
  • Why oh why does God keep bringing me back to you?


  • Tonight is your special night.
  • Do something magical.
  • All I need is to see your face.

No tears left to cry

  • I’m lovin’, I’m livin’, so we turn it up.


  • Once you tastin’ my ice cream, I bet you won’t ever leave.
  • Baby, I just want you to be mine.

Better Off

  • You keep me in your orbit.
  • My love will have you fall to your knees.
  • I’m better off without him.
  • I’m better off being a wild one.
  • I swear my love is a curse.

Goodnight n Go

  • Why you gotta look at me that way? You know what it does to me.
  • Why’d you have to be so cute? It’s impossible to ignore you.
  • Just say goodnight and go.
  • We’d be good, we’d be great together.

Pete Davidson

  • I thought you into my life.
  • Universe must have my back.
  • I know you know that you’re my soulmate… and all that.
  • My whole life got me ready for you.
  • Imma be happy, happy.
  • Won’t get no crying from me.

Get Well Soon

  • Is there anybody else whose mind does this?
  • Is there such a ladder to get above this?
  • You can work your way to the top.
  • Unfollow fear and just say “you are blocked”
  • It takes you and me to make us.
  • When you need someone to pull you out of the bubble, I’ll be right here just to hug you.


¿Cuál fue tu lyric favorita? ¡Espero hayan sido todas! 🤩



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